Tuesday, January 18, 2011

City Mini

Our stroller arrived today....all the way from Florida. Because we all know how much Ryan loves a good deal (hehe) - we had this one shipped to us from Tampa. We love the NC State color and how light weight and easy to maneuver it is. Being the peds PT that I am, I tend to steer away from the "travel systems" that allow the baby to be in the same position in the car and the stroller. That is what attracted us to the City Mini - as it reclines and MK can lay in it from day 1! Here it is all set up:

Curtains! Hip - Hip Hooray

Who knew one would be excited about the arrival of curtains? We debated long and hard about how to decorate MK's room - but we finally decided on white, gray and pink tones. Lucky for us the walls were already a light grey, so we opted out of paint. Ryan finally gave in and let me order the girliest, pinkest curtains around to match the bedding. The nursery is most definitely a work in progress, but did order the crib and dresser last weekend. However, our curtains finally arrived yesterday (from Restoration Hardware) and Ryan was such an amazing husband and put them right up! Here's how they look:

Ryan testing out the glider too!

Also, we purchased a small bookshelf for the nursery. One of my most excited mommy-to-be thoughts is reading to MK in the glider. I was very excited to get the bookshelf up and did it 75% on my own. I only needed Ryan's help when I accidentally put the side on backwards (no surprises right?!?!)...opps. Right now the only reading materials on it are the ones that we have to do prior to her arrival! Another small item that I've always secretly wanted for a nursery is an over-sized piggy banks - they are such a cute accessory. We found this one at Homegoods over the weekend and so far, as the only decorative item, it looks great! We're in need of a lamp, to go on the bookshelf, but I'm having trouble deciding on a color. Opinions are highly welcomed!

Here is the bookshelf. It's hard to see, but the crib sheet and crib skirt are next to the piggy.
one up-close shot of piggy - just to show how cute it really is!

Thanks for checking in on us!

Sneak Peak

Welcome! We thought this might be a - albeit slightly bandwagonish - good way to communicate with our friends and family. As we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Miss Madison Kay we find we have new things to share with you each day. And while our parents are great about expressing excitement with our frequent phone calls - this blog will provide a more "drop in - take a look - and leave as you wish" attitude!
It is to be determined how much we really keep this up - but perhaps after sharing it with you, we'll be held more accountable to it.
As an opening - we'd like to provide you all with a sneak peak of the baby. After being on the fence for several months, we finally decided to give the elective 3D/4D ultrasound a shot and we were not disappointed with the results. I made a lot of fun of the dvd set to music, but that same evening, Ryan and I enjoyed it during our "dinner and a movie." It makes a very surreal experience (aka pregnancy) a little more realistic.
And here are a few of the best shots:

She gave us some great shots. And, proved to be very into yoga already, as she had her little feet up by her face throughout the entire photo shoot. They did double confirm for us that she is, in fact, a she! Whew....you all know how worried I've been with the amount of pink that has been purchased!

Thanks for checking in on us! More to come.