Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet Snuggles

I get a lot of grief teasing from my girl friends that I still use the Angel Care monitor with Madison.  Yes, I am well-aware that she has passed the typical age for SIDS.  And, I can acknowledge that I am a bit of a worrier.  But for me, piece of mind goes a long way.  For the record, this is Madison's preferred sleep position:

She likes her snuggles, and she almost always snuggles up to the bumper when she sleeps.  We did use the breathable bumpers for many months, but at a year, we transitioned over to the more "plush" variety!  It may seem silly, but that movement monitor allows us to not have to constantly check to make sure she has enough breathing room.  I know it doesn't prevent anything, but it does keep me sane!  

But, for new mommies-to-be...this was probably my number one baby item.  We did a lot of research, but ended up with the Angel Care monitor with TWO crib pads.  Of course there were false alarms and it took us awhile to get the sensitivity right for her, especially when she was small, but I have never regretted it! And, now that they have the video version, you don't even have to carry around two monitors like we do:)  Jealous!

I see a big future for the monitor in our home.  For instance, when Madison transitions to a big-girl bed, it will alarm us if she gets out.  Or, when she's a teenager, if she ever tries to sneak out.  Kidding! (kind of)

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  1. Debby has always fallen asleep like that too! I was so worried at first! (I still get up and check on the kids in the night sometimes.)

    And I think that using your Angel monitor when she is a teenage is perhaps the best possible use for it! Spoken as a teenager who snuck out more than she should have. . .