Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Luke - 1 month old

Date: June 4, 2013

Weight: 7lbs 3 oz

Feeding:  Luke is nursing 99% of the time and takes 1 bottle a day of pumped milk.  Generally, he goes 3 to 4 hours between feedings.

Sleeping: Ehhh...hopefully more to come?  He would be content being held 100% of the time and would likely sleep long stretches at night.  However, Luke does not seem to like being flat on his back and struggles to get the burps out.  This has made for a lot of trial and error.  My parents bought Luke a beautiful bassinet.  That he screams in.  We've tried the crib, elevated 1 -textbook high, where he will sleep for a few hours.  My dear friend lent us her arms-reach, co-sleeper, which has worked maybe 10% of attempts.  Last night, I caved and he spent from 4-6 in the bouncer seat while I slept on the couch.  Today, my friend lent us her rock-and-play sleeper to try.  The irony is, I had big plans regarding sleep for Luke.  We created so many bad habits with Madison that I was eager to teach this child how to put himself to sleep from the get-go. Ha! I am currently just in survival mode.  Any tips from seasoned moms out there?

Likes: Being held and snuggled.  He is such a snuggle-bug!  His awake times are later in the day and he enjoys a few minutes of tummy time and playing/lying and looking at his toy mat.  Madison - Luke loves to look at Madison!  Eating.  His paci - for a few minutes at a time.

Dislikes: Being swaddled (Luke much prefers to have his hands together and often up by his face), lying flat on your back, being put into the car seat.  Luke don't love to have your diaper changed or be bathed, but is starting to relax a little more.

Fun Facts: Madison loves to hold Luke. She isn't too sure about him and really doesn't like when he cries (it often sends her into a crying fit).

As a family: Going from 1-2 children is definitely an adjustment!  Madison has struggled, mostly just being more sensitive and emotional.  The first two weeks were filled with melt-downs and whining.  I do think that things are getting better and she is starting to return to a clam state!  Ryan and I have been working on stopping the melt-downs immediately.  We've been giving her a lot of lap time and snuggles and I do believe it will all even out.  She has become such a Daddy girl and it is sweet to hear her talk so much more!  Madison will be transitioning rooms at daycare and we are both nervous and excited to see how it goes next week.


  1. We never tried to sleep train ours till they were 3-4 months and settled into a three nap schedule. Our peditrician told us it's really not effective before then and we found that to be true even with two totally different kiddoes. Once they settled naturally into that one morning, one afternoon, catnap schedule teaching them to sleep on their own was easy. So don't stress so much right now.

    Do you have a Moby or a Baby K'Tan? That was my sanity with Ramsey. Both my kids would go right to sleep in there. And with Ramsey, you know he lived there which gave me plenty of time to spend with Debby while he was tucked away.

  2. The Rock n Play sleeper is probably my most-favorite piece of baby gear saved us! C slept in there exclusively till about 3.5 months, and even after, she'll sleep for longer periods in there than anywhere else until we transitioned to the crib ~4months. I think it really helped her burping/gas/digestive issues as a little one. Good luck!

  3. p.s. love your update and such great pictures of your beautiful family!!