Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy (belated) 2 months to Luke

Being late on month number 2 is not a good sign for things to come, but better late than never!
Luke turned 2 months on July 4th - we pretended it was a birthday celebration for him.  What a lucky guy:) More to come on that fun week! Slowly, but surely, Luke is becoming more awake and alert, which is fun for all of us!

Weight: 9 lbs 10 oz (3%)
Length: 20 inches (1%)

Feeding:  Luke continues to be a champ at nursing.  He is struggling with reflux and during his second month, Dr. R put Luke on Zantac to try.  We think it is a big improvement, in fact, at his 2 month appointment, Dr. R suggested I could add dairy back in (that it was likely reflux all along and not a dairy sensitivity).  Hooray!  Luke is definitely a spitter.  We have learned to keep lots of burp cloths handy and, I figure it isn't a day with
the kids if I don't have to change my shirt several times!  Luke has no trouble taking the bottle.  At 2 months he takes between 3.5 and 4 ounces.  He will easily go about 4 hours between feeds, but we are trying to encourage 3 hours so that maybe he will eat less "forcefully" and decrease his reflux.  

Sleeping:  Luke is making small steps of progress. He is consistently going 3-4 hours at night, which is an improvement.  Just before his 2 month birthday, he gave us a special treat and did 6 hours!  We're not sure if it will be consistent, but it was a great gift for us!  Luke sleeps in his crib in his own room.  During the day, he still struggles to nap in the crib. I'm not sure what the difference is! He continues to prefer to be held.  I'll take the snuggles while I can:)  But, it does make caring for 2 kids more difficult.

Likes:  His jungle mat.  He is interested in the lights and starting to do some very large swats at toys. He's not accurate at all, but seems to acknowledge that toys are dangling above him.  Luke continues to enjoy being snuggled close and loves the swaddle.  The paci still helps Luke fall asleep, but then he is quick to get rid of it.  He also loves to be outside.  Unfortunately, it has been pretty rainy and yucky here this summer.  His cord just came off (at his 2 month appointment - thank goodness), so he has only had washcloth baths, but he loves to be in the tub!

Dislikes: Being burped.  Luke is not a patient man and when he's eating, he does not appreciate a pause to burp.  We have learned that Luke doesn't dislike the car seat when he is put in it awake.  However, he really doesn't like being asleep and then strapped in - it is a surefire way to make him scream!

Fun Facts:
I ventured out with both kids to the mall, alone.  This was a big step for me, with Luke being so unpredictable in the car seat I was concerned about it.  Of course he fussed pretty quickly, but I ended up wearing him in the baby ka'tan (highly recommend this!) and it worked great.  In fact, I was able to ride the carousel and train with Madison while wearing him and he snoozed the entire time!
The Castile side of the family came to visit - Luke got to spend some time with his cousin, Jensen, who is a little over 2 months older then him.  Laney and Papa also came back to see the kids and spent a ton of time spoiling them rotten!

Madison is becoming more interested in Luke and will occasionally ask to hold him!

Madison with her right-hand man!
Luke loving on Laney


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  1. Hooray for getting a but better! We love love love the baby ktan. On our top three must haves for babies.

    What a cutie boy!