Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Woes

Just when we think we are starting to see a trend...

Up until Wednesday night, Madison had been doing beautiful, wonderful, amazing 10+ hour stretches at night. It was so nice to feel rested and refreshed. We knew we were lucky, but we didn't know how quickly it could change. When I woke up Thursday am, Madison had rolled onto her tummy (I tried to take a picture, too dark). Thus - the swaddle is now banished forever. I knew this was going to be a scary, but I wasn't prepared for the terror to come...
Thursday night we put Madison to bed without her woomie (google it, I can't make that up. think glow worm).

She fussed and stirred and flailed her little arms and legs until 2 am. Yup, 2 am. I slept on an air mattress, or rather, laid awake and stole 10 minutes here and there while in the supine position on an air mattress in her room. Finally, at 2 she slept until 6 am.

But here is the real delimma. Madison wants to sleep on her tummy. Today during naps I caught her on the video monitor trying her hardest to get to her stomach. She hasn't mastered rolling, so she gets stuck on her side. Tonight we put her down and almost instantly she tried to roll over. For the past two hours she's been sleeping on her side. Peaceful, deep sleep.

But for those of you that know me, it should come as no suprise that this has me freaking out. My capstone paper in college was on the "Back to Sleep" campaign to reduce SIDS. I've always been the poster child for recommending it. Now, here I am with my own baby who is making a decision not to sleep on her back.

One call to the pediatrician later they now have me convinced that I don't need to stay up all night watching her. It was their recommendation that her side is fine. If I wake up and she's on her belly, I should put her back on her back.

I am freaking out. I admit it. I'm terrified to know what is the right thing to do. This child HAS to sleep. She is clearly much more comfortable on her side. But, the risks are huge. However, perhaps with her not-so-beautiful "breathable bumpers" and the angel care monitor and sleep sake mattress wrap...perhaps we are taking a lot of the necessary precautions. What's a momma and dadda to do????

I think another night on the air mattress is in my future....

Just for fun, here are some pictures of Madison sleeping:

This is Madison's "mad scientist" hair

Favorite position to be in on her back, arms up

One of my favorite pictures of her sweet face and arm

Very young Madison all swaddled up

Thanks for checking in!

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