Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're back....

I miss blogging and often think about, but clearly never sit down to do it. Now that Madison is almost 7 months (gasp!) I'm afraid I'm going to forget everything! It is already hard to remember what she was like as newborn. Perhaps that will provide me with some motivation to share. Here's a brief update from Miss Madison:

Age: 6 months 3 weeks

Typical Day: up between 6-7am (if before 7 I snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed until 7), nurse, play, breakfast (fruit and rice cereal), nap 930-11...but usually only 45min to 1 hour, nurse at 11, play, lunch at 1230 (rice cereal and fruit/veggie), nap 1-3...but usually just over an hour, nurse at 3, play, eat a veggie at 430, nurse at 6, bath, books, bed by 7!

What I like to do: sit up! Play with my stacking rings, read books, be outside, look at the dogs. I love my babysitters Miss Beth and Aunt Michelle, I always smile when they come over. I enjoy playdates with Brayden, Addison and Lily.

This is my bff Lily

What I can do: rock on my hands and knees, roll all over the floor, hold my sippy cup (but not tilt it up), rake puffs with my fingers but I need Mommy's help to get it into my mouth, sit up

How do I sleep: short naps! I don't want to miss out on anything...but 85% of the time I sleep through the night. Lately I've been keeping mom and dad on their toes with infrequent nights of frequent night wakings (ie every 2 hours). I usually do this at least once a week to be sure that they don't get too comfortable with me always sleeping though the night!

Exciting things I've been doing: the Ashborro Zoo, Pumpkin patch going, jogging with Mom, and the NC State Fair

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