Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Close(r)

Well, it's almost March and then we can say, "Madison is due this month!" We are very hopeful that she does not decide to make an early appearance this week as Ryan is in Texas for Cisco training! My mom is in Indiana and my dad in Washington D.C., so we're just asking her kindly to stay put until the weekend:)

We've been enjoying lots of "selfish time" over the past few weeks. We've made an effort to go out with friends and make plans for things we'd like to accomplish prior to Madison's arrival. This past weekend we enjoyed the NCSU Basketball game. Our friends Jeff and Erin and Jason and Ivy joined us as well! And, they actually won! Somehow, this was my very first basketball game - I'd like to make it to many more. On Sunday, Kelly and I took the kids she babysits for to a NCSU gymnastics meet and it was great. We might have enjoyed it more than the kids - thank goodness for Angry Birds to keep them entertained!

This is us with our friends Ivy and Jason. Ivy's the one responsible for most pictures on the blog! Jason works at Cisco with Ryan and happens to be our "backyard neighbor."

This is really my stomach?!?!? EEK! The shirt was a gift from Casey!

Thanks for checking in on us.

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