Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Cool(er) Weather

What a relief...the heat has finally broke here in North Carolina and I am so excited.  Seasons are so great, because just when you've had enough, you get a change!  The weather has been so amazing here - comfortable days with cool evenings.  Fall is truly just around the corner.  We've been taking advantage of the wonderful weather and enjoying some outdoor time and open windows!

Here is Madison in the am on a morning walk
She is too cool for school!  Seriously, this kid has it made in her stroller.  Sunglasses, graham crackers, milk and multiple toys.  I love that it was cool enough for her to wear a cardigan!

We were lucky enough to be able to meet some friends at the park today and we practiced our sliding.  Madison is one cautious kiddo, but she's gradually getting used to the idea of a slide.  In fact, today she actually said "slide!"

This is actually from an indoor park from last week, but here she is again taking on the slide! Madison has some extra daring friends and she is learning how to navigate the playground from them.

As a physical therapist, slides are iffy for me!  I love the coordination, motor planning and abdominal strength that they encourage.  However, experience with broken femurs are enough to make me a "helicopter-mom" as Maddie slides down.  I know it is rare, but I tend to hoover close enough to make sure her little legs don't get stuck!  Hopefully, I'm not holding her back:)

Happy fall to y'all!!!

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