Saturday, September 1, 2012

True Confession

I should start by saying that I am trusting that those of you who read this (hi mom! hi dad!) know that Ryan and I keep a fairly clean house.  I say fairly because it isn't perfect, but we do clean on a regular basis and are generally pretty organized.  But, there should be no judgement of us after reading this post.  Ok - disclaimer over.

I just got excited about vacuuming.  No really. I did!
Ryan and I got a little carried away at Sam's Club today - no judgement.  This is the vacuum cleaner my parents bought for me in college. It has seriously been a trooper!

 Then today, on our very exciting trip to Sam's - this was on sale.  Serious sale.

And then, we drove to Durham to purchase it.  Because, all of the Raleigh stores were out of it.  We became a little vacuum desperate.  Remember, no judgement.

It was almost like the vacuum inspired us to organize.  Before we knew it, we were spending our Saturday evening reorganizing our kitchen counters and pantry.  Then, I was begging Ryan to put the vacuum together so I could try it out.  And I did.  And it was great.  And gross.  Seriously. Remember, NO JUDGEMENT.  This is what the vacuum picked up.  It has been 1 week.  Which is loooong, I know, but it was a looong week.  

I'm a visual person.  I can assure, the C household will never, and I repeat, never go more than 2 days without a vacuum.

And we have these two pooches to thank for all of the dog hair...

I realize that I just did an entire blog post about a vacuum.  It seems a little odd, and I almost stopped midway, but it just so amazing to me that it seemed worthy of a blog post. I promise to try to blog about more exciting things like Madison and vacations and real life.  Thanks

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  1. We LOVE our Dyson! I bought it when I lived in my first apartment and am always amazed at how much it picks up! I vacuum every day because I'm always grossed out at what I see in it!

    In other news, Robin just pinned directions on how to clean one!