Monday, July 9, 2012


Why are the big ones never easy? I am terrible about making decisions!
 Ryan can vouch for that seeing that we now have THREE paint swabs on our walls because I cannot choose a color. Or the fact that we just put up curtains downstairs after being in our house for over two years because I can't make a choice.
The current dilemma is childcare for Maddie come mid August.  Our wonderful, fantastic, sweet babysitter - Miss Beth is leaving us for school.  So the question becomes, do we hire a new nanny or start daycare?  I can name 1000 pros and cons for both options. I am constantly stressed with work and the daycare would give me more flexibility. Plus, Madison is in need of socialization... desperately.  But it seems like such a big change.. maybe I'm the one who's just not ready...and is that so bad?

Luckily for Madison - her biggest decision is just if these glasses are too small for her face?

Thoughts/opinions on the daycare front?

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