Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summertime Fun

We have been having such a blast this summer with Madison.  She is very much her "own" person with a grown-up personality!  Luckily, Madison seems to enjoy the important parts of summertime just like her Mom & Dad (froyo, pool time and outdoor bbqs).  Aside from some yucky bug-bites that prompted not one, but two, trips to the doctor - it's been mostly smiles and sunshine!

Chasing the beach ball - best $0.97 I've ever spent!  Madison has a super-ball radar and spots them everywhere we go.  In fact, we consider "ball" to be her first word!

Madison loves to "hula-hoop."  Unfortunately,  neither of us are able to do a good job demonstrating for her so she just carries it around.

 Her very own back porch chair.  She just figured out how to climb in all by herself- makes this PT mama proud!

Water table fun!

Hope you all are enjoying your summer! We are just trying to stay cool in our 100+ temps here in North Carolina.

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