Friday, July 20, 2012

Flashback Friday

I'm starting a new tradition and calling it "Flashback Friday" as a highlight to our week.  Hope you enjoy!

This was a big week in our home! We made a decision to send Madison to preschool starting in August on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We went back and forth about a million times, just ask Ryan - I changed my mind pretty much every hour.  But, we do think this is best for our family and for Madison's development.  It will give me a lot more flexibility for my patients, which is important to provide.  And, hopefully it will allow me to be more "present" when I am with Madison.  I know you working moms understand, right? The constant tug to juggle work, even when you are home? I am constantly struggling with notes to write, doctors to talk to, letters to write...all while trying to enjoy my time with Madison.  Whew - so, here's to hoping this is a good change!

Madison enjoyed lots of time with friends this week.  We had a pool play-date on Monday and today I left her at a girlfriends with a babysitter so we could go shopping!  The babysitter had four kids, age 16-18 months.  Amazing:)  We shopped all morning at the enormous consignment sale and totally stocked up on fall  clothes.  See....

Step 1:  wash and throw on the floor to sort

Step 2:  sort and organize

*I am such a summer-time girl, but have been really enjoying stocking up on fall/winter clothes for Madison.  I mean, how cute is that snowman shirt?  It wasn't actually from the consignment sale, but I did just get it for her*

Step 3...put away!
* Please don't judge my shelf is a work in progress.  Today was just getting hangers organized by size and season!*

As a side note, I have come to really appreciate consignment sales.  When I was pregnant I was very apprehensive.  As it turns out, they are fantastic! You have to be patient and willing to sort through, but you can find amazing things. Plus, I think I'm addicted to the thrill of the find!  There are still some things I feel strongly that I want to buy new for her, but for play clothes...consignment sales are the best!!  So, new mommies-to-be, give them a try.

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