Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nana's Pancakes

Ryan's mom, Florence, otherwise known as "Nana" makes the best pancake breakfast!  I was first introduced to this delicacy way back when Ryan and I were just dating.  To this day, I have never been able to successfully recreate these amazing chocolate-chip pancakes, they truly are only this delicious when made by Nana in her own kitchen!  Trust me, I've tried - but she adds something special!

This weekend, we traveled to Ryan's hometown to visit with his mom, younger sister (Aunt Michelle), older sister and brother-and-law (Aunt Christy and Uncle Brad).  It was a weekend filled with pool time and visiting.  And, while Madison is totally off on her sleep (nothing like traveling and adjusting with a 16 month-old, right?) it was a nice time.  But, ask Madison what her favorite part was and I'm sure she would tell you it was Nana's chocolate chip pancakes.  She could not get enough!!!

Somehow, Maddie put away 2 pancakes for a "second" breakfast!

Check out that right leg, covered in chocolate!

Crazy how Maddie's eye's look green and not blue! Also, look at  that wild hair!!! It was a "no-AC" night, so I think the humidity and how she slept created some serious curls.

Thanks Nana for introducing Maddie to your breakfast delight!!!

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