Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paint Palette

Well, it only took us two-years and eight-months to do it, but we finally painted the main areas in the downstairs.  And by "we" I mean "we" finally bought paint and hired painters.  It would have taken me a hundred years to do it myself and I guarantee the final product would not have been anything pleasant!  Ryan and I had such a hard time making a decision about paint color - no surprise there!

This is what we looked at for two weeks:

Obviously, the paint color on the far right was an immediate no.  The irony is that we had 3 other cans of paint samples close to that color.  So, quickly we returned to Sherwin-Williams for two other colors (the middle and bottom swatch).  I did a lot of really in-depth "google" research of colors, and during my search I came across the top color "Oyster Bay" and immediately fell in love. It took Ryan a few weeks, but he finally came around too!  And, thank goodness, because the final product is perfect!

Oyster Bay was a great fit for our home!  The mantel looks a little lonely, so hopefully we will find some new pieces to add to it.  

Thanks to several of my girlfriends that "pushed" for us to paint the wall that goes up the stairs.  I'm so thankful for ya'll's input, as it really looks great!

This view is a little off, the ceiling looks a lot higher and not true to the proportions of the room.  However, the picture display to the right of the TV was a new purchase.

This space has made me crazy for several years.  I couldn't find the perfect fit for this awkwardness space.  We made a few purchases, but nothing was "right" and they were returned.  But, we found this one at Pier1 this weekend and so far, it is a great fit!  

And, unrelated to painting, we took Madison on a sweet evening walk to "tire" her out!  She had a blast:
She carried this pine-cone the whole way and was so proud!

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