Monday, July 16, 2012

Old Salem

This is a delayed post - but we have such cute pictures from a recent trip we took with Ryan's family.  Aunt Christy & Uncle Brad invited us to their new home for the weekend (in May!) and part of our trip involved a visit to Old Salem.  What a neat place!!!  

Madison enjoying the water pump!  

Love this picture of Maddie with Aunt Christy, Aunt Michelle and "Uncle" Jimi
She is one lucky girl!

Attempt at a family photo! 

 Ice cream treat with Daddy.  Lovey is out - Madison was wearing down!

Look at this amazing town.  It was so sweet!  Some of the houses were private residences; it is hard to imagine living on a road like this.

Madison was done at this point.  But, I think the picture is adorable.  There was no "reasoning" with her.  
It is still sweet of her and Nana!

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